[asterisk-users] Realtime not storing voicemail password changes

Paddy Grice paddy at wizaner.com
Tue Dec 16 06:25:44 CST 2014

Hi All
I am trying to get voicemail switched over to ARA on version 13 and notice
that the password is not stored in the db when it is changed.
A little hair pulling and playing around and I think the problem is in the
function ast_update2_realtime in main/config.c.
Issued source is ==>
int ast_update2_realtime(const char *family, ...)
        RAII_VAR(struct ast_variable *, lookup_fields, NULL,
        RAII_VAR(struct ast_variable *, update_fields, NULL,
        va_list ap;
        va_start(ap, family);
        /* XXX: If we wanted to pass no lookup fields (select all), we'd be
         * out of luck. realtime_arguments_to_fields expects at least one
         * value pair. */
        realtime_arguments_to_fields(ap, &lookup_fields);
        va_start(ap, family);
        realtime_arguments_to_fields2(ap, 1, &lookup_fields);
        if (!lookup_fields || !update_fields) {
                return -1;
        return ast_update2_realtime_fields(family, lookup_fields,
I believe line 3314 of the file main/config.c should be 
        realtime_arguments_to_fields2(ap, 1, &update_fields);
I have changed it and it works for me - but - 
1)    I don't know what else this may effect 
2)    I dont know how to pass this on to the development team
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