[asterisk-users] Log to file in Asterisk: append with newline

Daniel Gonzalez gonvaled at gonvaled.com
Tue Dec 9 03:23:45 CST 2014

Hi all,

(I am testing on Asterisk 11.7.0~dfsg-1ubuntu1)

I am using the following format to append to a logfile, according to the
documentation <http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/Asterisk+func+FILE>:

same => n,Set(FILE(/tmp/mylog.txt,,,a)=my-log-message)

But this does not append a newline. So I am trying:

same => n,Set(FILE(/tmp/mylog.txt,,,al)=my-log-message)

But this does not append (instead, it just overwrites - surprisingly, since
the documentation says that this should append!).

How can I append *and* make sure that a newline is added after the log


Daniel Gonzalez
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