[asterisk-users] OT: Question on Caller ID (Spoofing calls with Asterisk)

Markus universe at truemetal.org
Tue Aug 26 10:01:31 CDT 2014

Am 26.08.2014 16:45, schrieb Jeffrey Walton:
> I got a call from an overseas call center telling me about the
> problems with the Windows machine I was using. They wanted to remote
> in and fix things for me ... (Ignore the fact I use a MacBook Pro or
> an ASUS laptop with Debian).

This is a common scam scheme.

Try "windows scam call" at YouTube.

Whether CLI spoofing works depends on the provider and has not so much 
to do with Asterisk. Asterisk makes it possible, but so does every 
common SIP softphone or most other SIP device for that matter. If the 
CLI you claim to own will get actually transmitted to the callee depends 
on the provider you are using for termination and whether they allow you 
to set an arbitrary CLI. It also depends on the routes that the call 
travels through until it reaches the callee. If there's a "grey" route 
on the path that overwrites your CLI, such as a GSM gateway, your CLI 
won't make it to the callee. Nowadays you can find providers that allow 
you set arbitrary CLIs on every corner.

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