[asterisk-users] PRI timing settings

Jeff LaCoursiere jeff at jeff.net
Wed Aug 20 09:41:10 CDT 2014

On 08/20/2014 07:58 AM, Scott L. Lykens wrote:
> On Aug 19, 2014, at 5:56 PM, Jeff LaCoursiere <jeff at jeff.net 
> <mailto:jeff at jeff.net>> wrote:
>> I wrote earlier today about a new PRI installation in the Caribbean, 
>> where all outbound calls are functioning fine *except* calls to 
>> Sprint phone numbers, which get rejected immediately as "busy".
> I don’t know what expectations for CLID your carrier might have, or 
> for that matter the upstream carrier, however, we found through our 
> CLEC here in the US that while the CLEC was happy to take e.164 
> formatted numbers from us as CLID, Global Crossing would reject them 
> further upstream resulting in our calls to many toll frees being rejected.
> Switching to 10 digit CLID on all outbound calls through that PRI 
> solved the problem.
> I don’t know if this is your problem but be sure your CLID is in the 
> most simple format possible for your region to help rule it out.
> sl

This makes me curious... what *is* the simplest format possible for 
NANPA numbers?  I'm sure there must be a spec to conform to.  Can anyone 
point me to it?


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