[asterisk-users] PRI timing settings

Jeff LaCoursiere jeff at jeff.net
Tue Aug 19 16:56:27 CDT 2014


I wrote earlier today about a new PRI installation in the Caribbean, 
where all outbound calls are functioning fine *except* calls to Sprint 
phone numbers, which get rejected immediately as "busy".

The telco has been working with their switch manufacturer and took the 
output of "pri show span 1" from me and came back with this:


Please check your timers below.  How did you determine your settings?

  * Timer and counter settings:
       N200: 3
       N202: 3
       K: 7
       T200: 1000
       T201: 1000
       T202: 2000
       T203: 10000
       T303: 4000
       T305: 30000
       T308: 4000
    T309: 6000    Our switch: Telcordia National ISDN 2: Range 10 - 90
    seconds, default 90 seconds.


       T312: 6000
       T313: 4000
    T316: -1        Our switch: Telcordia National ISDN 2: Range 10 -
    120 seconds, default 30 seconds.

   N316: 2
   T-HOLD: 4000
   T-RETRIEVE: 4000
   T-RESPONSE: 4000

---end quote---

Now I have no idea what T309 or T316 represent, but it seems odd that 
timers and counters would cause such an odd result... and the failure is 
immediate, not after some amount of timeout.  Can anyone shed light on 
these settings and tell me if they are configurable?


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