[asterisk-users] Letting rtp profiles be handled by rtpengine instead of Asterisk

Paul Belanger paul.belanger at polybeacon.com
Fri Aug 15 14:25:04 CDT 2014

On Fri, Aug 15, 2014 at 12:17 PM, Olli Heiskanen
<ohjelmistoarkkitehti at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks Paul, I appreciate your thoughts.
> I understand your way, it's logical in your environment. I prefer to use LTS
> versions of Asterisk so I'm guessing what I want to do is not quite possible
> with Asterisk 11.
> I'd prefer my setup to work like this in different cases.
> webrtc (rtp/savpf) -- kamailio -- asterisk -- kamailio -- webrtc (rtp/savpf)
> sip (rtp/avp) -- kamailio -- rtpengine (rtp/savpf) -- asterisk -- kamailio
> -- rtpengine (rtp/avp) -- sip (rtp/avp)
> webrtc (rtp/savpf) -- kamailio -- asterisk -- kamailio -- rtpengine
> (rtp/avp) -- sip (rtp/avp)
> ... essentially, using RTP/AVP only when the client does not speak securely.
> It appears I'll have to try out the RTP/AVP way until there is an Asterisk
> that can accomplish this without having to use peer-specific settings.
> Down-side to this is that rtpengine needs resources from the server for
> webrtc clients even though both ends speak the same profile.
> It's not so complicated now that I know more on what Asterisk supports and
> how it handles the sdp, I just needed to learn by doing, testing and asking.
> I must be a bit ahead of my time for going for a RTP/SAVPF within my
> architecture, but using RTP/AVP is not such a bad option as srtp is on its
> way anyway in future Asterisk versions and the rtp flowing between Kamailio
> and users' networks are far more important than internal rtp traffic.
Fair enough, I won't be able to help moving forward.  We opted for
only using RTP/AVF with asterisk because how new the code for RTP/AVPF
and dtls-strp handling is.  And since RTP/AVF has been around since
the start, it is pretty stable. And this is the primary reason people
are using rtpengine with asterisk to start.  So, in your setup listed
above, rtpengine is not needed, since newer versions of asterisk
support both. Adding it in will just complicate your setup.

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