[asterisk-users] Asterisk on CentOS7

Paul Greenberg paul at greenberg.pro
Thu Aug 14 11:20:28 CDT 2014

building from source.

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On Thursday, August 14, 2014 03:15:16 AM Paul Greenberg wrote:
> Hi Anthony,
> That script does not work. My guess is that it is related to the way
> asterisk interacts with CentOS environment.
> Best Regards,
> Paul Greenberg, Esq.
> On Wednesday, August 13, 2014 12:11:42 PM Carlos Chavez wrote:
> >      I installed CentOS 7 on a spare server along with all our Asterisk
> >
> > configuration system and the only thing that failed is the asterisk
> > startup script included in the asterisk tarball.  I guess because the
> > startup system has changed so much that script will have to be updated.
> > Everything else worked fine as far as I can tell but obviously I did not
> > stress test that installation.
> You can use the systemd unit file I have here:
> https://messinet.com/rpms/browser/asterisk/asterisk.service?rev=2ce57c334633
> 881bb4d1baaeb6ae1e63c032abdc
> It's what Fedora uses as well.  This should work properly in EL7.  Hopefully
> in not too long, I'll have Asterisk 13 builds for EL7, though I need to
> figure out a few dependency issues: https://messinet.com/rpms/

I do know that the Fedora EPEL project provides Asterisk for EL6, and I
believe they will support it for EL7 as well, once EPEL 7 comes out of beta
status.  EL7 uses systemd, so I'm not sure that the regular init file will
work properly without some tweaking, which is why I pointed you to the systemd
unit file that is used by the Asterisk RPMs from Fedora 20, and the one I use
with the RPM builds I make myself.

How are you installing Asterisk on CentOS 7?  Are you doing a regular
make/install from source, or using RPM packages?

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