[asterisk-users] Sending and receiving fax with Digium FFA

Dumitru kurai7hikari at gmail.com
Mon Aug 11 08:39:01 CDT 2014

I've been trying to setup Free Fax for Asterisk on a Debian machine with 
Asterisk 1.8. I have managed to register and installed the Digium 
modules. Sending and receiving through it have resulted in failure. The 
output of fax show capabilities is:
Registered FAX Technology Modules:

     Type            : DIGIUM
     Description     : Digium FAX Driver
     Capabilities    : SEND RECEIVE T.38 G.711 MULTI-DOC

     1 registered modules

We have a fax blackbox  through which I'm trying to send faxes to the 
Asterisk server. Every time that I send a fax I get a timeout error. 
Been tinkering with the settings and whatnot to get it working.

The extension to receive fax:
exten => recvfax,1,Verbose(2,Receiving fax)
         same => n,Set(FAXDEST=/tmp/fax)
         same => n,Set(tempfax=${STRFTIME(,,%C%y%m%d%H%M)})
     same => n,Wait(8)
         same => n,ReceiveFax(${FAXDEST}/${tempfax}.tiff,f,d)
It's without most of the tinkering I've done, which are: setting ecm to 
no, tweaking the min/max rate and other things.

Also, because the fax machine can't print (half broken), we receive our 
faxes through a fax to email service we have subscribed to, so the tests 
for sending have that one as a destination.

The extension to send fax:
exten => sendfax,1,Verbose(2,Sending fax)
     same => n,Set(faxlocation=/tmp)
     same => n,Set(faxfile=fax.tiff)
     same => n,Set(FAXOPT(headerinfo)=Testing FAX)
     same => n,Set(FAXOPT(localstationid)=123456)
     same => n,SendFax(${faxlocation}/${faxfile},d)
     same => n,Verbose(2, Fax Status: ${FAXOPT(error)})
I did the exact same thing, and tried sending from both a SIP channel 
and a DAHDI line. The weird thing is that when I am sending through 
Asterisk I get, as a response to fax, a recorded message from the telco. 
Sending through the same line with the fax machine works perfectly.

Any advice and help is welcome.
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