[asterisk-users] Loud Ringers and paging systems...

Kevin Larsen kevin.larsen at pioneerballoon.com
Wed Aug 6 08:27:30 CDT 2014

> if you use a papt2 or so spa2101 then you could have alert info set 
> to different lengths or styles of ringers
> i use that in a dorm with phones and have the phones ring short 
> rings at night so it wont wake up the students 

I do not use either of those devices, but after posting this yesterday, I 
did end up coming up with a way to do this making use of Asterisk dialplan 
code and the paging side of the paging/night ringer system.

The basic concept is that the original call will run a script that creates 
a call file to call the paging system and play a specific audio file. It 
also passes into the paging call its channel name. In the call to the 
paging system, I use the SHARED function to write back to the original 
calls' channel the channel name of the paging call. Then when the original 
call is answered, it runs a subroutine that redirects the paging call to a 
priority that hangs that call up.

If anyone is interested, I have my proof of concept code that I could post 
up to the group.
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