[asterisk-users] Unregistered ports on SPAxxxx

Mike Diehl mdiehlenator at gmail.com
Tue Aug 5 11:42:40 CDT 2014

On Tuesday, August 05, 2014 05:19:55 PM Steven Howes wrote:

On 5 Aug 2014, at 17:10, Mike Diehl <mdiehlenator at gmail.com> wrote:
All of my SPA112's are running 1.3.2(014).  My SPA8000's are running 5.1.10.

If you do firmware upgrade your 8000s, don’t go past 6.1.3 or it’ll go badly… 
Freezing and requiring power-cycle, clocks stopping (and showing minus 
figures!) and major struggles downgrading again. Had about a dozen of them 
doing the same, eventual downgrade to 6.1.3 and it’s all happy.


Thanks for the warning!  Ouch!

Mike Diehl
Diehlnet Communications, LLC.
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