[asterisk-users] "CBAnn" channel not going away in Asterisk 12

Matthew Jordan mjordan at digium.com
Wed Apr 30 08:07:27 CDT 2014

On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 6:03 PM, Richard Kenner <kenner at gnat.com> wrote:

> > If the channel still hangs around after the conference is destroyed
> > then there is a problem.
> Am I missing something obvious: I'm looking in the confbridge_exec
> function.  I see a "conference = NULL" line, but no attempt to free
> that structure, which is what I understand will destroy the playback
> channel.  So where it is freed?

Conferences are reference counted objects. When the reference count reaches
0 on the conference object, its destructor is automatically called. The
destructor, in this case, is destroy_conference_bridge. That is where the
CBAnn channel should be hung up.

        /* Try to allocate memory for a new conference bridge, if we
fail... this won't end well. */
        if (!(conference = ao2_alloc(sizeof(*conference),
destroy_conference_bridge))) {
            ast_log(LOG_ERROR, "Conference '%s' could not be created.\n",
            return NULL;

If the reference count on the bridge is off, you should see the conference
bridge 'hanging around' after the last participant has left. If so, please
file a bug report. We'll need a REF_DEBUG log to figure out who the guilty
party is in holding onto a reference. The easiest way to get that is to
reproduce the problem using the latest from the 12 branch (as we made
reference count debugging easier just recently). Enable REF_DEBUG in
menuselect under Compiler Flags, make/make install, and re-run the scenario
that reproduces the result. A refs file will be created in your Asterisk
log directory - attach that to the issue along with DEBUG log.


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