[asterisk-users] Asterisk support for h.324m

Patrick Laimbock patrick at laimbock.com
Tue Apr 29 17:41:45 CDT 2014

On 29-04-14 20:41, [Digital^Dude] ® wrote:
> Hello,
> If anyone has successfully compiled asterisk with:
> app_rtsp
> codec_amr
> mp4_play
> mp4_save
> app_transcode
> h324m_call
> Please share the versions of OS software, and libraries used.
> Lets make this thread useful so that all tried and tested video
> resources of asterisk can be found in one place for ease of access and
> later reference.

I haven't but the guys you could talk to are the (former Fontventa?) 
folks at http://www.medooze.com/products/h324m-stack.aspx

Source code/binaries can be viewed/downloaded at:


The old Fontventa AMR patch does not apply to Asterisk 11. I tried to 
port it to Asterisk 11 but couldn't get a call going. If you are a 
developer focused on Asterisk 11 and want to have a look at the AMR 
patch let me know and I'll email it to you.


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