[asterisk-users] Proper way to make Asterisk recognize SIP trunk of incoming INVITE when IP is not available

Barry Flanagan barryf-lists at flanagan.ie
Sun Apr 27 07:47:25 CDT 2014

On 26 April 2014 00:29, Alex Villací­s Lasso <a_villacis at palosanto.com>wrote:

>  I am currently preparing a kamailio-asterisk combination. The asterisk
> installation uses realtime for SIP. The kamailio configuration was based on
> the reference at
> http://kb.asipto.com/asterisk:realtime:kamailio-4.0.x-asterisk-11.3.0-astdbbut has been heavily modified. Currently asterisk runs on localhost and
> only listens on SIP/RTP at . Therefore, all of the SIP traffic
> appears to come from localhost, from the point of view of asterisk.
> Currently I have a model on which internal SIP phones get identified by
> the authentication username, and then the contact names at From: and To:
> get massaged to incorporate the SIP domain, in order to emulate
> multiple-domain support. The 'sip' table in Asterisk defines all such
> contacts as SIP accounts of the form name_domain.com, and the SIP phones
> are configured to use 'name' as authentication username for domain '
> domain.com'. However, SIP providers that register on the server with
> authentication names are left with their original names, since in the
> model, SIP trunks are available to all domains.
> Now I have to add support for SIP providers which are to be authorized on
> the basis of IP only. Apparently, the kamailio module permissions.so
> (WITH_IPAUTH) is made for just this purpose, so I enabled it. After
> authentication, I need to route the INVITE to asterisk, and asterisk must
> somehow match the account for the SIP trunk from the available information
> on the INVITE request.

What I have done in a similar situation is to use  force_send_socket in
Kamailio when sending INVITEs from your trusted host (your trunks) so that
it is coming in to Asterisk from a different port (say 5070), and then in
your Asterisk sip.conf settings create a new peer for this like so:


Now, when Asterisk receives an INVITE from it will match
this peer, whereas the rest, coming from, will match your
other subscribers.

Here is a bit of the Kamailio config:

if (is_method("INVITE"))
        # If call is coming from a trusted source (Trunk/PSTN) then we send
it to Asterisk from port 5070
        # so that Asterisk knows this is not coming from a subscriber. The
peer in Asterisk needs to be set with port=5070
        # as well as the host=<ip address>
        if (allow_trusted())
            xlog("L_INFO","Inbound to Asterisk from Trusted Source IP $si,
Caller: $fU, Callee: $rU with Call-ID $hdr(Call-ID)");
        } else {
            # This is a call from a registered subscriber.
            xlog("L_INFO","Inbound to Asterisk from $fU to $rU with Call-ID

NOTE: Kamailio must be set to listen on as well as your
usual ports for this to work! Also, your SIP Trunk trusted peers need to be
in the Kamailio trusted table, or explicitly test for the src_ip rather
than use allow_trusted().

Hope this helps.

-Barry Flanagan
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