[asterisk-users] cdr viewer for csv

A J Stiles asterisk_list at earthshod.co.uk
Thu Apr 24 07:18:46 CDT 2014

On Thursday 24 Apr 2014, binary dreamer wrote:
> hello everyone.
> I am running asterisk and all of my CDRs are in the default csv.
> the system is so limited to ram (only 256) and I cannot run MySQL or any
> other program to give CDRs a fancy view.
> at the moment the only other software running is nginx for a static webpage
> with guidance on the system.
> I do now want to move to sql or similar databases because the machine
> cannot handle it (I have already tried and it wastes ram from calls).
> is there a way to present to a webpage the CDRs from the csv, please?

If you can't stretch to a separate machine to run a database  (even a scrapper 
will do for this)  and you can't increase the RAM in your Asterisk machine, 
then you will have to resort to manipulating the CSV file.

Use a cron job to rotate the master CDR daily or weekly, to keep it from 
becoming unmanageably large.  This needs to be done at a time when you are not 
expecting any incoming calls.  You really need to stop Asterisk while you do 
this and restart it afterwards.  The whole operation  (cp Master.csv 
cdr_$DATE.csv; echo -n "" > Master.csv)  should be over within a few ringing 
periods; so even if a call does come through in the meantime, Asterisk ought 
to just pick it up as soon as it restarts.

Then write a simple CGI script to serve up the cdr*.csv files.  As long as you 
send the appropriate content-type, then it ought just to open straight up in 
OpenOffice.org calc.


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