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Joshua Colp jcolp at digium.com
Wed Apr 23 08:32:40 CDT 2014

Gholamreza Sabery wrote:
> Hello,

Kia ora,

> I have an Asterisk server with a public IP address and a bunch of
> clients. Most of my clients are behind NATs (sometimes two clients are
> behind the same NAT i.e in the same private network). I want to use ICE
> so that the clients behind the same NAT can send RTP traffic directly to
> each other and other clients use Asterisk or a TURN server. I tested a
> specific scenario using two Linphone 3.7 as clients behind the same NAT
> but finally traffic ended in Asterisk. I checked the packets; the first
> client sends its host and server reflexive candidates to Asterisk and
> Asterisk sends it's public address. Then Asterisk will send it's own
> address to second client and second client in the final 200 OK SIP only
> sends it's local address normally without using ICE (ICE is enabled on
> both clients).
> Using ICE for such a purpose is possible at all?

Asterisk does not currently support this configuration (specifically 
passing through candidates and ICE information like this).


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