[asterisk-users] Open Source Asterisk Polling Solution

Nick Cameo symack at gmail.com
Tue Apr 22 16:54:33 CDT 2014

Hello Everyone,

Thank you all for your response. The people I am doing it for run a
non-profit charity,
and are legally able to reach out to their customers. I will wire it
up to the DNC
however, for starters, I would like to get asterisk to:

i) Iterate through a list of numbers
ii) Play a pre-recorded message asking if they have waste they need picked up
iii) If they press one, forward the call to mailbox

The easier the better for us. I did see Wombat, newfies, and vicdial
however, I can't go through with the installation process and find out
there is some hidden clause, limited to 2 channels etc....

If I can do it with a simple dialplan as mentioned earlier, I think
it's the best solution for starters.

Kind Regards,

Nick from Toronto

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