[asterisk-users] Anyone used WatchGuard SIP ALG?

Tony Mountifield tony at softins.co.uk
Tue Apr 22 10:24:56 CDT 2014

Has anyone here used Asterisk inside a WatchGuard firewall, talking via
the WatchGuard SIP Application Layer Gateway to an outside SIP service?

I have a customer doing just that, and I am 100% convinced there is a bug
in the ALG regarding the media port number it inserts into the SDP when
it rewrites it. However, either they or WatchGuard will not accept there
is a bug, despite my very detailed description of it.

So if anyone else has any experience of using this product, I'd be very
interested to hear from you. Thanks!

Tony Mountifield
Work: tony at softins.co.uk - http://www.softins.co.uk
Play: tony at mountifield.org - http://tony.mountifield.org

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