[asterisk-users] Open Source Asterisk Polling Solution

Nick Cameo symack at gmail.com
Mon Apr 21 12:45:11 CDT 2014

Hello Everyone,

We are looking for a simple open source auto dialer with "polling"
capabilities. What we would like is a program that we can upload
leads to, and have asterisk:

i) Dial numbers
ii) Play pre-recorded
iii) If user presses one, forward the call to an agent

There are so many solutions out there it's hard to make a decision on what
works, what has just a limited free version etc.... Something that can
10 channels, and is stable would be greatly appreciated.

If this can be simply implemented using asterisk and call folder, even

PS Our preferred version of * is 1.8.x

Kind Regards,

Nick from Toronto.
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