[asterisk-users] astdb delete all keys with the value of x

Jonathan White jw at uvacity.com
Mon Apr 21 09:27:48 CDT 2014

I’m trying to use the asterisk database but I think there is a limitation in deleting records I need to make my logic work.

I understand that I can delete all family members with a specific key
and that I can delete an entire family of keys

but I would like to be able to delete specific keys which have the same value, is this possible?

I have tried moving things around so making the family the value I am interested in but the way the call flow works I don’t get that information at the correct point when I need it.

At present I think there is not an answer to this problem and I will have to use an ODBC link to a better featured database I can run more complicated queries against.

What does the community think?


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