[asterisk-users] Dimensioning

Steve Edwards asterisk.org at sedwards.com
Thu Apr 17 16:40:54 CDT 2014

On Thu, 17 Apr 2014, Jerry Geis wrote:

> I was thinking transcoding was through PRI card - not gsm to ulaw. :)

You can convert the GSM files to ULAW using sox. I tend to transcode 
everything to WAV (PCM not that funky 'GSM in WAV') because it is 
relatively cheap (CPU cycles) to transcode from WAV to ULAW and everything 
else in the world understands WAV just fine. If you really need to squeeze 
out every last cycle, you can schedule a script to transcode WAVs to ULAWs 
as needed.

> So if all I am doing is originating calls, and using playback() in the 
> dialplan - then a system() call on completion I can expect upwards or 
> 3000 concurrent calls?

Based on my unsubstantiated testing on my hosts, that seems like a 
reasonable conclusion.

What do you do in the program executed by system()?

> How do you actually test to make sure without having 3000 users to call.


No, it's really pretty simple.

On the 'source' host, I have a call file:

# sample-call-file
channel:sip/test at target
# (end of sample-call-file)

And a shell script to create the call files:

# create-calls.sh
 	cp sample-call-file /tmp/
 	chmod +x /tmp/sample-call-file
 	for	I in $(seq 1 $1)
 		sudo -u asterisk\
 			cp /tmp/sample-call-file\
# (end of create-calls.sh)

Then, on the 'target' host I have a dialplan snippet:

         exten = test,1,                 verbose(1,[${EXTEN}@${CONTEXT}])
         exten = test,n,                 set(GROUP()=TEST)
         exten = test,n,                 set(ROOM=0${GROUP_COUNT()})
         exten = test,n,                 meetme(${ROOM:-2}, cd)
;       exten = test,n,                 confbridge(${ROOM:-2})
         exten = test,n,                 hangup()

Then, on the 'source' host, I can create calls with this command:

 	./create-calls.sh <number-of-calls-to-create>

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