[asterisk-users] Live Recording on the Storage Server?

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A simple way that we use to do the move is to create a cron job that looks for a .move file.
 It has the same name as the recorded file. asterisk writes the .move file which is just a text file with some stats in it.
 The .move file is written from the dial plan  at the end of the recording.
 In the exten = h we write a .delete file for an abandon call.
 The cron then processes the .move and .delete files at a given interval. We actually write special instructions into our .move files that the cron parses and can then act accordingly. So we have a single smart cron job handling moves for each type of task. In some cases our .delete files are processed as moves to an abandon cache for recovery if a customer did not intend to abandon it.
 The sky's the limit on how complex you want to make it, but in the long run it is fairly simple and it just works.

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On 17 Apr 2014, at 16:14, Paul Belanger <paul.belanger at polybeacon.com> wrote:
>> hi. I would not do that due to network issues.
>> My approach is to record everything locally and every hour or so to move
>> everything to a storage.
> +1 save yourself the headache and do this.

I'll add another +1 to this. I've never been able to get multi-channel recording (even 3 or 4 channels) working reliably over an NFS link to another server. I suspect, with some tweaking of nfs options it might be possible, but if it ain't broke.

Just a cautionary note if you do use a cron job to move recordings to a storage device at regular intervals: make sure you use lsof or similar to check the recordings aren't actually open by asterisk at the time, otherwise interesting things will happen.

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