[asterisk-users] Asterisk and OSX

Pete Mundy pete at fiberphone.co.nz
Wed Apr 16 04:17:38 CDT 2014

Hi Gents

I thought I'd pop up and add my 2cents when I just happened across this e-mail glancing through the list.

I actually do run a production service on Asterisk running on Mac OS X server. But of course I do it within a VM environment on Linux (Ie Asterisk on Ubuntu under VirtualBox on Mac OS X Server). This gives me all of the niceties of a Mac server, along with the ease of administration of Linux for the native Asterisk config.

The best part though is that we can easily run up 4 independent Asterisk VMs on the one Mac Mini server, then mount it in one of these cases along with another one configured the same for hot-standby and we have a fantastic low-power (<200W) small 1U, 300m-deep rack-mount solution. Stopping the VMs on one Mini and launching them on the other (without any change of IPs) can be done in <9seconds when booted from SSDs.


Macs do have their place running Asterisk. Just not natively! :)

Pete Mundy
Technical Director
Fiberphone Limited
Nelson, New Zealand


On 15/04/2014, at 10:40 PM, Thomas Rechberger <t.rechberger at gmail.com> wrote:

> Am 14.04.2014 16:19, schrieb Eric Wieling:
>> So few people use Asteisk on OSX that I doubt anyone will answer.
> Look how many answers he got, i got none
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