[asterisk-users] ControlPlayback can not replay complicated file names

Jonathan White jw at uvacity.com
Thu Apr 10 17:56:36 CDT 2014

Many thanks for the testing. I have raised a bug report and we will see if 
it gains any support.

The file name as you can imagine is generated from a set of variables, the 
idea is to make life simple but if the replay tool doesn't support it the 

Interesting that Playback() supports complicated file names.



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On Thu, 10 Apr 2014, Jonathan White wrote:

> If not sure if I am looking at a bug or expected behaviour as I do not see 
> anything in the documentation.
> ControlPlayback can not replay complicated file names
> For example it can replay
> 1005
> but it can not replay
> 1005-2014-04-08_23:58:17

On Thu, 10 Apr 2014, Eric Wieling wrote:

> This doesn't fix the issue, but a work around might be to try using file 
> names without the any :  in them

Seems 'bug-worthy' to me.

Here's some more confusion using Asterisk 11.8.1:

Play a file with colons in the file name:

     -- Executing [*@default:3] ControlPlayback("IAX2/6002-1095", 
"/tmp/2014-04-10-13:31:03") in new stack
     -- <IAX2/6002-1095> Playing '/tmp/2014-04-10-13:31:03.slin' (language 
     -- ControlPlayback seek to offset 0 from end

1) There is no 'slin' file, only a 'wav.'

2) I didn't specify any offset. Note that 'core show application
controlplayback' does not mention anything about seek from end.

3) No audio is played.

Play a file with quoted colons:

     -- Executing [*@default:3] ControlPlayback("IAX2/6002-106", 
"/tmp/2014-04-10-13\:31\:03") in new stack
     -- <IAX2/6002-106> Playing '/tmp/2014-04-10-13:31:03.slin' (language 
     -- ControlPlayback seek to offset 0 from end

1) No slin file.

2) No offset.

3) No audio.

4) No quotes in 'Playing' message.

     -- Executing [*@default:3] ControlPlayback("IAX2/6002-461", "/tmp/foo") 
in new stack
     -- <IAX2/6002-461> Playing '/tmp/foo.slin' (language 'en')

1) Still no slin file.

2) /tmp/foo.wav is played, audio is heard.


1) You should report it as a bug.

2) Eric's right -- you should not use colons in file names. Even if
controlplayback() allowed them, they always seem to cause problems

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