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> We are using vpn routers to connect home users back to our office network.   Basically, shipping a mikrotik router that 'calls home' and establishes a vpn connection for the pc and phone that are connected to the mikrotik...   user plugs router in, plugs phone and computer into router, and that traffic is encapsulated back to our office... simple and straighforward.
> We would like to remove the router from the equation...  does anyone know of a SIP phone with a built in VPN client that can provide the tunnel for both the phone and the pc traffic?  It would seem trivial to route a subnet down to the vpn client in the phone, that would be available to devices connected on the PC side of the telephone..  This would be tremendous for an at-home contact center agent..    An added benefit would be to limit connections the connection on the PC side of the phone to a specific mac address.. 
We use the Yealink phones - a number of which do openvpn, we had Mikrotiks in the middle but are removing them now, we haven’t tested the PC routing side though.


> We're aware of the opportunity to use a softphone on the pc with a vpn client.   though, we're looking for a physical phone.
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