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Michelle Dupuis mdupuis at ocg.ca
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If you know your users are all from with your country, or state, or even city, you could restrict geographic access in your secast.conf file like this:



The above would:
- By default deny all source IP's anywhere in the world
- Let in only source IP's from:
1. North America (continent), Canada (country), Ontario (region)
2. North America (continent), USA (country), Michigan (region), Detroit (city)
3. Any region called 'Ohio' anywhere in the world (not sure why you would do that but fun example)
4. Anywhere in North America

So you can open up your system based solely on where you know your real users are located.


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Hello Ishfaq, outside users usually travel around the country and connect from different network, so it won't be possible to lock it down to specific IP.

Thanks for your support.

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thank you all for your support. I am using Linux, I only have about 7 users outside our home network. I will learn fail2ban and will use it accordingly.

again Thanks for your support.

Do the 7 users outside of your home network always connect from the same IP addresses? If so, you can just lock down your SIP port to those 7 IPs explicitly in your IPTables configuration.

Another option would be to change which port you're running SIP on.


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