[asterisk-users] combine external video source and audio call to make SIP video call?

Brandon B. brandon at brellsystems.com
Mon Nov 25 12:14:03 CST 2013

Use command line video capable SIP software (linphone / linphonec) with
source and modify it so an incoming call forwards to an outgoing
destination with video added. You might want to talk to developers of
linphone and ask them to make the change for you. Your analog phone calls
to linphonec (probably using Asterisk) so that a call is routed to the SIP
softphone. The softphone adds the video and send the combined audio/video
SIP call back to Asterisk to be routed to the destination.

On Sun, Nov 24, 2013 at 1:44 PM, Eric Cooper <ecc at cmu.edu> wrote:

> I'd like to cobble together a videophone from an analog phone,
> connected to an Asterisk FXS channel, and a co-located video camera,
> connected to a video grabber card on the Asterisk server (so I have a
> Linux video device providing the video stream).  When a call is made
> from the phone, I'd like to somehow add the video and produce a SIP
> video call.  I don't want to use any sort of graphical SIP client;
> ideally this should all be done headlessly in the Asterisk dialplan.
> Any suggestions on where to start?
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