[asterisk-users] terminating the call, when transferer hangs up the call during attended transfer

jg webaccounts at jgoettgens.de
Mon Nov 25 09:17:22 CST 2013

>> I think I got it now:
>> While A is on hold,
>> B dials C
>> after a few seconds B wants to stop dialing C and hangs up,
>> "the system" calls back and B is connected again with A
> yes, I think this is what is required...
You should know this, not think what it could be. Even if the customer doesn't know what he 
wants, you will look stupid eventually, because you can't deliver.
>> Is that correct?
>> If (yes) {
>>    I see a logical problem
> I THINK this makes a bit of sense, (A party starts ringing
> on B again), even though it's quite ridiculous request :(
It does not make any sense. The problem is, once the call has been been hung up and the phone 
starts to ring again, you somebody else might be on the other end of the line. I have a customer 
who had similar brilliant ideas before I taught them to use the "Disconnect Call" feature, but 
never ever hang up the receiver when using features.conf sequences. You need something like the 
"active" call to make things unique.

If you hang up the receiver, then things are actually easier, but only if, your phones have the 
"Hold" and "Transfer" keys. The signaling is a bit different in this case. Dealing with both 
parties is then completely independent. The only problem is, while A is on hold, more calls can 
come in for B (limits do not solve this), which typically requires some training until the 
receptionist B is able to select the proper party for the transfer.
> in principle, I need to DISABLE blond transfer function
> and force the Dial to C party to be terminated, so I can
> ring back to B..
No, don't do that. Blond transfer is quite convenient. Tell them to use the "Disconnect Call" 
feature, but make sure it also works if the phone is in "ringing" state.
> do You think there is some way to achieve this?
Yes, there are several ways to do exactly this and all are ugly. I would not implement such a 
non-standard feature. Sooner or later you will get bitten by that. If you really need it, and 
someone is willing to pay some money for this nonsense, I could do it before next Fool's Day.

In your situation, it might be worthwhile to explore the parking option. B might stop to ring C 
because C might not have been the right person, so B continues with D. Parking typically makes 
sense, when it is not known a priori which extension eventually takes A's call. You could even 
map the parking slot to LEDs on the phones for easy pickup. Essentially B can decide whether to 
continue with something else or get back to A, whatever.


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