[asterisk-users] userfield not logged to CDR

Dan Journo dan at keshercommunications.com
Wed Nov 20 16:47:14 CST 2013

Ø  I'm logging cdr via odbc to mysql. It seems that there is an intermittent problem where the CDR(userfield) isn't written to the database. The rows all seem to be there, but that specific field is missing. The same dialplan. Nothings changed. Probably 1 in 10 is missing the userfield.

Ø  Any ideas how I can debug this?

Ok, Ive done a little more digging and it appears that some lines in CDR-CSV are also being missed out intermittently.
But the userfield in CDR-CSV is populated every time.

Its Asterisk 11.5.1

Ignoring ODBC for now, how do I debug writing of CDR-CSV?

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