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Roel Wagenaar roel at wagenaar.nu
Wed Nov 20 03:49:52 CST 2013

asterisk-users-request at lists.digium.com wrote:

> Welcome to the asterisk-users at lists.digium.com mailing list! Before posting to
> the Asterisk users list, please be sure your question hasn't already been
> answered in the list archive or in the Asterisk wiki at
> http://wiki.asterisk.org.  For more information see asterisk.org Also, if you
> want to search the lists for a particular topic, you can do so through Google,
> by using something along the lines of: "asterisk rules
> site:lists.digium.com" (without the quotes) as your search string.

What is wrong with the archives of this list?

All I get after gunzipping downloaded files is binairy data.

Roel Wagenaar,

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Antw.: Top-posting.
Vraag: Wat is het meest ergerlijke in e-mail?

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