[asterisk-users] How to enable T.38 between SPA3102 PSTN Line port and ReceiveFAX app ?

Larry Moore lmoore at omninet.net.au
Wed Nov 20 03:17:34 CST 2013

On 8/11/2013 12:58 AM, Olivier wrote:
> I never tried this one.
> How would you rate this product ?

I don't use it for faxing only for the purposes of testing its 
capabilities receiving. I have progressively upgraded the firmware as it 
has been released.

> Is it easy to auto-provision an HT503 over TFTP or HTTP ?

It has these options though I have not used auto-provisioning with it.

Grandstream have configuration tools and templates, see 

> Is it easy to localize FXO/FXS setttings for non-US countries (those
> having played with a SPA3102 sure know what I'm thinking about) ?

In short, Yes!

> Do it T.38 implementation works ok with Asterisk ?

Seems to though I really have only performed basic testing receiving a 
fax through it from the PSTN (FXO port).



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