[asterisk-users] Redirecting a channel to Meetme fails with Hangup.

S, Kantharuban IN MAA SL kantharuban.s at siemens.com
Tue Nov 19 00:31:22 CST 2013

Hello List,

                Good day,

      We have an application, where we redirect a channel to meet me.  Sometimes the channel is getting hanged up by Asterisk, and we get an hang-up event.

Please reply back, if any one faced such issue.

Here is the hangup event info,

-HANGUP {calleridname=<unknown>, connectedlinename=<unknown>, uniqueid=1384413814.79523, cause=0, cause-txt=Unknown, event=Hangup, privilege=call,all, connectedlinenum=<unknown>, calleridnum=03003, channel=SIP/S0-gateway-0001363d}

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