[asterisk-users] Amazon, Asterisk and reliability beyond a hobby system?

Todd R. tjrlist at live.com
Mon Nov 18 18:33:38 CST 2013

Took me a while but I have finally embraced cloud computing and all the benefits.
The only thing I have yet to feel comfortable about putting in the cloud is real live Asterisk boxes to be used in production. I know it's being done because as far as I know Twilio is using Amazon for their Asterisk boxes.
I have read all the fun articles on building hobby type systems and that's all great.
What I really need to hear is from those that have deployed Asterisk in Amazon or Digital Ocean and how many simultaneous calls they are pushing through it and what the call quality and reliability has been.
Right now I am still using dedicated hardware but I could become much more redundant and scale much faster using Amazon or Digital Ocean.
Thanks in advance for any information from those that have already been down this road... 		 	   		  
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