[asterisk-users] Bulk forwarding to another Asterisk

Doug dsc3507 at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 17 01:04:13 CST 2013

I want to be able to pass any number (variable length) to a context and then forward that to another asterisk server for processing by that servers dial plan.  I have the two talking IAX2 so that part is done. I can also dial a number from the sending to the server asterisk. The problem is I don't want to have to create (duplicate) dial plans at originating Asterisk to equal those at the server. I want to send the raw extension that enters a context and then send it to the other Asterisk in entirety for processing. Is there a way to do this?

What I want to do is like "early dial" on a SIP phone but between two Asterisk systems. As soon as a match is made the call is processed.   

This works for a three digit extension but I want to send an any length extension that hits this context in entirety. If I use a  _x!  it just stops at the first character. Extensions I want to send to the far end are a combination of 2,3,4 and 10 digit numbers.

exten => _xxx,1,Answer
exten => _xxx,n,Dial(IAX2/pbx/${EXTEN})
exten => _xxx,n,Playback(vm-nobodyavail)
exten => _xxx,n,Hangup

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