[asterisk-users] Help - DTMF relay in meetme is not reliable

Rajib Deka rajibdk at gmail.com
Sat Nov 16 04:54:40 CST 2013

Hello List,

I am facing some issue while passing DTMF (RFC2833 set globally in
sip.conf) in meetme (asterisk 1.8). The issue I have observed that - if two
users tries to pass DTMF simultaneously at the same time from their phones
only one DTMF is detected in asterisk and broadcasted to other users. Other
DTMF lost somewhere. We have tested only with sip phones.

Can someone help me with this, or is there any configuration option that
can resolve this problem? I want asterisk receive the DTMFs send at the
same time and to pass those either by queuing them or by some other means.
We can not use confbridge at this moment as we have developed the
application on meetme. Please help!

Rajib Deka
Sr. Programmer
Siemens Ltd.
Chennai, India
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