[asterisk-users] Adding SIP method MESSAGE to Allow header

Daniel daniel2013 at leschoupinous.net
Thu Nov 14 11:20:51 CST 2013

Hey all,

I've got a question about including the SIP method "MESSAGE" in the SIP
Allow header sent by Asterisk (version 1.8). I found a post
(http://forums.asterisk.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=83638) on this question,
but there was no response. I've also done a bunch of searching for
"asterisk sip allow method message", but I'm not finding much.

The problem is that the client, the softphone Jitsi, includes the
MESSAGE method in its SIP Allow header that it sends to Asterisk, but
Asterisk does not include it in its SIP response to Jitsi, so Jitsi
thinks that Asterisk does not support the SIP method MESSAGE, so won't
try to send SIP messages (giving an error saying the server doesn't
support it). I thought I had configured sip.conf correctly to support
SIP messages (and thus advertise the SIP method MESSAGE in its Allow
header) :

accept_outofcall_message = yes
outofcall_message_context = messages
auth_message_requests = yes
subscribecontext = users

All my extensions are in the 'users' context, and my text message
handling is in a context called 'messages'.

Anyone see what I might be missing ?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Kind regards,

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