[asterisk-users] Integration with NEC DSX - help with dial line

John Novack jnovack at stromberg-carlson.org
Thu Nov 14 10:43:44 CST 2013

Stephen More wrote:
> I am trying to setup an extension in asterisk which dials an extension
> on the NEC DSX. i.e. If an asterisk user dials 402 I want it to
> connect to the NEC DSX @ and connect to extension 402. (
> 404 would be the NEC DSX sip account that I have the credentials for
> ).
> [402]
> deny=
> secret=pass1
> dtmfmode=rfc2833
> canreinvite=no
> context=from-internal
> host=dynamic
> type=friend
> nat=yes
> port=5060
> qualify=yes
> callgroup=
> pickupgroup=
> dial=SIP/404:pass2 at
> mailbox=402 at device
> permit=
> callerid=device <402>
> callcounter=yes
> faxdetect=no
> [Nov 14 10:35:45] VERBOSE[13117][C-00000010] app_dial.c:     -- Called
> SIP/404:pass2 at
> [Nov 14 10:35:45] VERBOSE[11623][C-00000010] chan_sip.c:     -- Got
> SIP response 480 "Temporarily not available" back from
> [Nov 14 10:35:45] VERBOSE[13117][C-00000010] app_dial.c:     --
> SIP/ is circuit-busy
> [Nov 14 10:35:45] VERBOSE[13117][C-00000010] app_dial.c:   == Everyone
> is busy/congested at this time (1:0/1/0)
> I tried IAX2, but then I just get ring no answer.
> What am I missing in the config - I simply want a one to one mapping.
> -Thanks
The NEC DSX does NOT support IAX2.
Sorry to say that, but since IAX2 was never submitted to the rigors of becoming an accepted standard, there have been few adopters.
Digium chose back in 2005, I believe, perhaps earlier, not to put the effort into whatever it took to get IAX2 accepted as an international standard.

I have Asterisk send a page to my NEC DSX every 15 minutes during waking hours that announces the time, as well as some other information.
First, make sure your DSX has the latest firmware. This is easily done through the system administrator
Of course you will need the IP daughter board installed
Note that I use a non standard port, as I have my system linked to another DSX system over the Internet, and in addition to firewall settings, we chose to move the sip control port to discourage hackers
Obviously, if this is ONLY within your LAN, that isn't necessary.
You will also need to set up an extension number in the 4XX range BEYOND the IP boards possible extensions, why we chose 421
I do NOT use this to place a SIP call TO Asterisk from the DSX
Hope this helps. If you need more information, feel free to contact me off list
John Novack

Here is my sip.conf:
register=421:<password>@    ;
context=internal        ;
host= ; DSX IP address
fromdomain=bigjohnnovack.ckts.info ;


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