[asterisk-users] Add SIP Header for 1 SIP peer when calling a group of SIP peers

Jonas Kellens jonas.kellens at telenet.be
Thu Nov 14 10:35:29 CST 2013


when calling a group of SIP peers like this :

Dial( "SIP/inno0&SIP/inno4&SIP/inno6,30")

is it possible to have a SIP header added for just 1 of these SIP peers, 
like only for SIP/inno0 but not for SIP/inno4 and SIP/inno6 ??

I know the function SipAddHeader(), but when I use this in the dialplan 
before the Dial()-command, then the header is added for all the SIP 
peers that are being called.

So when calling a group of SIP peers, how can I add an extra SIP header 
for just one of the SIP peers ?

Kind regards,

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