[asterisk-users] SIP Mass exodus

Mike Diehl mdiehlenator at gmail.com
Wed Nov 13 12:29:16 CST 2013

Hi all,

I've been seeing some strangeness lately on my 10.2.1 server.  It's
gotten to the point that a few times each day, I see masses of SIP
clients becoming unreachable.  They're not all on the same network,
and we don't see any calls drop.  In a few seconds, they all come

I don't think it's a connectivity issue because we don't drop calls,
and the endpoints aren't on the same networks.  We don't see excessive
CPU load when it happens.

It does SEEM to happen most right after someone accesses their voicemail.

We are using RT SIP registration as well as database voicemail storage
(mysql).  The database is on the same machine as the asterisk server.

Have we grown beyond the ability to host both the db and * on the same
hardware?  Or is this a known issue with a (hopefully) known fix?


Mike Diehl.

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