[asterisk-users] VoIP sound quality : highroad sound

Johan Wilfer lists at jttech.se
Wed Nov 13 05:59:45 CST 2013

2013-11-13 11:55, Jonas Kellens skrev:
> On 11/13/2013 11:48 AM, Johan Wilfer wrote:
>> 2013-11-12 17:42, Jonas Kellens skrev:
>>> X.X.X.100     2f9a96ec3e1  00:00:42 0000000138  0000049741 (99.72%)
>>> 0.0000 0000000136  0000000000 ( 0.00%) 0.0031
>>> X.X.X.70   68289fc05ff  00:02:27 0000007318  0000060143 (89.15%) 0.0000
>>> 0000007301  0000000000 ( 0.00%) 0.0001
>> A lot of packetloss for theese calls. I would do packetdumps with
>> tcpdump and then analyze it with wireshark. I use voipmonitor to do
>> this (it gives you a pcap for each call), but tcpdump works fine also.
>> This could be a congested link, a broken media gateway, or anything
> I have already used tcpdump and analyzed the calls with wireshark. When
> I listen to the call, I clearly hear the "highroad" sound (always on the
> upload side).
> What else can wireshark tell me ? How can wireshark further tell me
> about the cause of this poor sound quality ?

Here is some suggestions to get started:

Maybe one of your connections get congested? For example, if the two 
endpoints is your phone and the upstreams teleco. If the side from the 
teleco are bad and not the phone you need to take a closer look at the 
switches and routers on the way to the teleco. For example you can run 
tcpdump on your gateway to your ISP.

If you see the problem here as well it may be your link or a upstreams 
problem. If you don't see it here it is somewhere in between..

Good luck!

Johan Wilfer

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