[asterisk-users] Call Pickup how to display CND of incoming number

Rusty Newton rnewton at digium.com
Tue Feb 19 09:58:30 CST 2013

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> From: "David C Klaverstyn" <David.Klaverstyn at intergraph.com>

> Is it possible to display the incoming calling number on a handset
> when trying to pick up a call from another handset?
> I currently have Call Pickup working using *8, I have also used the
> PickUp application successfully but I’m not sure how to use these
> features so the handsets show the incoming calling number and not
> the number that you have dialled to pick up the call.

You are placing a call *to* Asterisk, therefore the handset, like most will show the number you dialed.

I don't know how you would get the CallerID to update during a connected SIP session. I'm no SIP expert, but Googling around - I don't think it's possible, at least easily...



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