[asterisk-users] crossed channels

Juan Carlos Agudelo jagudelo at tuxteno.net
Tue Feb 19 09:25:08 CST 2013

El 19/02/13 03:59, Thorsten Göllner escribió:
> What exactly do you mean by "crossing channels"? Mixed audio? Can 
> callers hear each other?
> Am 19.02.2013 02:07, schrieb Juan Carlos Agudelo:
>> Hi,
>> I have installed Asterisk and I have a strange behavior, 
>> because sometimes they are crossing channels, thus producing unwanted 
>> calls connections...Any suggestions?

Exactly, mixed audio, callers are linked to the call of another 
caller,the calls are interlaced, is something that happens sometimes...


Juan Carlos Agudelo O.
Tuxteno Ltda.

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