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Steve Edwards asterisk.org at sedwards.com
Mon Feb 18 10:54:02 CST 2013

On Mon, 18 Feb 2013, Thorsten Göllner wrote:

> I am wondering, if there is any tool available, which performs a check 
> for suspicious entries in the dialplan. For example a non existing 
> AGI-Script...

I'm just a 1.2 Luddite, but none that I know of.

Please feel free to write one. Here are a few features that would be 

) Parentheses, bracket, brace, quote, and double-quote matching.

) Parse /etc/init.d/asterisk to see if -C is used; parse asterisk.conf to 
see if astagidir is defined; take note of the username used to start 

) Parse extensions.conf for global variables to cover the use case of:

 	exten = *,n, agi(${SOME-VARIABLE}/foo)

) Check the permissions of the AGI's path relative to the username and 
group that starts Asterisk. Warn if silly permissions like 777 are found.

) If the AGI is an interpreted script (Bash, Perl, PHP, Python, etc.) 
instead of a compiled executable (C, Fortran, Cobol, assembler, etc.) 
ensure that the interpreter is present and functional (maybe something 
like '<interpreter> --version').

) Detect dialplan 'fall-through.'

) Detect 'gaps' in priorities. Note that priorities do not need to be 
contiguous or even specified in sequential order.

) Have a command line parameter to specify which version of Asterisk to 
check compliance against. This would be a great 'desk check' before 
migrating from 1.2 to 11 :)

) Detect global and channel variables defined, but not used.

) Detect global and channel variables used before defined.

) Detect missing goto targets.

Feel free to implement a subset of the above for your initial release :)

Thanks in advance,
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