[asterisk-users] Faxdetect + T38gateway

Larry Moore lmoore at omninet.net.au
Sun Feb 17 17:17:25 CST 2013

On 18/02/2013 6:25 AM, Jean-Denis Girard wrote:
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> Hi list,
> I'm using faxdetect so that users can receive faxes on their phone
> numbers. It works fine.
> Fax is actually received by Hylafax through iaxmodem.
> I'm also using T.38 between asterisk and ATA (HT502/503) for better
> reliability. Sending from / to Hylafax works fine too; I checked with
> "udptl set debug on" that T.38 is actually used.
> The problem I see is when other end tries to use T.38: re-invite is to
> the SIP phone, which obviously rejects it (488 not applicable here), so
> T.38 is not used when hitting fax extension. Is there a solution to
> combine fax detect and t38getaway on the same call?
> This is with asterisk-11.2.1.

I have Asterisk 1.8 and use a HT503.

In sip.conf for the HT503 I use the following;

directmedia=update	; may need to set directmedia=no

and for the handset;


You have not provided any information relating to your configurations.

I believe you could have the following in the HT503 sip.conf entry in 
Asterisk 11;


Presumably you have also configured the fax extension according to your 


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