[asterisk-users] [OT] Mediatrix Euro ISDN hangup problem

giovanni.v iax at keybits.org
Mon Feb 11 07:44:34 CST 2013

On 11/02/2013 5.18, Jean-Denis Girard wrote:
> The
> Mediatrix sends incoming calls from the PSTN to an Asterisk server via
> SIP: this works fine. But when the caller hangs up, the Mediatrix
> doesn't send "Bye" to Asterisk, so the call is not finished immediately
> from the Asterisk point of view: the delay is exactly 30 seconds.

According to your logs the network sent a DISCONNECT message with 
progress indicator #8, so in this case is allowed not to release 
immediately but leave the user the opportunity to listen for tones/message.

It's also allowed not to connect (or keep connected) the B channel then 
send a RELEASE then entering the release request state.
May be this behaviour is configurable in the gateway?

> Then we took a trace on the gateway (see attached file). Line 345, ISDN
> "Disconnect" is received from the PSTN. According to the ISDN
> specs (and a trace I made on an Asterisk server connected via an ISDN
> card), I think the gateway should reply with a "Release", then the
> network would reply with "Release complete". But the Mediatrix never
> sends "Release". After 30 sec, the*network*  sends "Release" (line 445),
> then the Mediatrix immediately sends "Release complete" (line 448).
> Then, the Mediatrix sends SIP / BYE (line 475), and Asterisk immediately
> hangs up.

I think the gateway is working in compliance to ETS 300 102-1 ( 
Clearing when tones/announcements provided). 30 Sec. is the time 
assigned to T306 on the network side.

The ETSI specification is available online for free.

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