[asterisk-users] access control softphone registration through asterisk

Yves A. yves030 at gmx.de
Sat Feb 9 04:57:02 CST 2013


are you using realtime extensions or the classic config-file 
extension.conf ?
One way to go yould be to implement the allowed / not allowed logic in 
the context of your sip users.
check their "permissions" and if they are allowed to call... continue 
with the dialplan, if not, route them
to a voiceprompt saying that the call is prohibited due to whatever 

To do so, take a look at the dialplan functions "if" and "db". Of course 
you somehow have to set a
"flag" in asterisk, that decides about permissions... Don´t know which 
way you will programmatically
set or clear this flag... there are hundreds of possibilites... the 
easiest way I think would be to use the
asterisk build-in database (therefore the hint to the function db...)


Am 08.02.2013 22:18, schrieb Muhammad:
> Hi,
> I wana control my SIP register from asterisk.
> I other hand, when users login into their softphone, dont access to 
> call and when I give them access, they can call.
> I dont know it's right way to plan my scenario/?
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