[asterisk-users] asterisk meetme

Jonathan Rose jrose at digium.com
Fri Feb 8 13:17:55 CST 2013

motty cruz wrote:
> Hello Jonathan,
> I thank you for prompt reply to my post.
> I'm using SIP trunks with Polycom sp450 devices.
> Also, I was wrong to mention meetme, my conference does not involve
> using meetme feature on Asterisk.
> It does not happen often, it happens random.

So if you aren't using MeetMe, what are you using? I'm guessing it's
not confbridge (which isn't really well supported in 1.8 anyway) since
you probably would have just mentioned it if it were. Is this some sort
of service external to Asterisk? If so, you problems are probably more
related to the external service than to Asterisk. You could probably
check SIP debug to see if they were sending BYEs to your individual

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