[asterisk-users] Asterisk calls between 2 private networks

Frank frank at efirehouse.com
Thu Feb 7 11:26:46 CST 2013


That is a solution that I am envisaging.
But I would really love to try to work out with my issue first. It will 
allow me to deploy more phones in separates buildlings in the future. If 
I do the IAX solution, it means that for every building, I need a box.. 
Which I would like to prevent.

On 2/7/13 10:46 AM, A J Stiles wrote:
> On Thursday 07 February 2013, Frank wrote:
>> My apologies if this topic was already discussed in the past.
>> Here is my scenario:
>> Network A -
>> 1 Asterisk
>> 1 Digium phone
>> Router does NAT from the public IP to asterisk, and forward ports
>> 5060tcp/udp and 10k-20k udp
>> Network B -
>> 1 Digium phone, registering to the public IP of network A
>> My SIP.CONF has:
>> nat=yes
>> localnet=
>> externaddr=public_ip_of_network_a
>> directmedia=no
> My  (lazy)  solution to this problem was to throw hardware at it .....
> Bearing in mind that Asterisk will run on just about any old scrapper  (or
> even a Raspberry Pi, if you feel so inclined),  there's little point even
> trying to send SIP over the Internet.  Just have an Asterisk box at each end,
> and then you only need a much simpler-to-configure IAX trunk between the two.
> The routers at each end then just need one port -- UDP 4569 -- forwarded to
> the Asterisk box  (if it isn't configured as the default DMZ machine).

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