[asterisk-users] Setting CDR variables for all linked channels

Igor Katson igor.katson at gmail.com
Mon Dec 30 18:00:57 CST 2013


when one does "Set(CDR(var)=value)" in dialplan, the value is only set for
one record in the cdr table, but not the linked ones (the ones with the
same linkedid).
E.g. if you do something like
    same => n, Set(CDR(var)=value)
    same => n,Dial(Local/something&Local/something2)

like only the original CDR record with have "var" set to "value", but the
ones created from "Dial" won't.

Is it possible to set the CDR variables in all the linked channels?

P.S. And is it possible to find out by the CDR logs, if the originating
call is in progress?

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