[asterisk-users] Cisco IP Phones and Skinny in asterisk

Martin ra25 at atlas.cz
Fri Dec 13 18:29:23 CST 2013

> If I need to use SIP, from where to get the suitable firmware for these Cisco 
> IP Phones 7942G?

Be careful, not all versions of SIP firmware work with asterisk. I do have 8-3-1 
(cmterm-7941_7961-sip.8-3-1)here and it works just fine with my 7961. Downloaded 
somewhere. Version 9.x is broken, SIP only works over TCP.

> Where do u download the SIP firmware usually for your Cisco IP Phones?

Search for "cmterm-7941_7961-sip.8-3-1.zip"
I also have some other files here but I don't remember what was the reason for 
them :-(


> Your kindly help is highly appreciated.
> Regards
> Bilal

>> I'm using the sip firmware.. It's alright.. I feel like I'm
>> not receiving
>> all the features I should.. But MWI works and multiple call
>> appearance..

Tato zpráva neobsahuje viry ani jiný škodlivý kód - avast! Antivirus je aktivní.

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