[asterisk-users] A Question about Management/Control Protocol Licensing

Steve Murphy murf at parsetree.com
Wed Dec 11 14:15:45 CST 2013

I see the following paragraph in the Asterisk trunk LICENSE file:

"In addition, Asterisk implements two management/control protocols: the
Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI) and the Asterisk Gateway Interface
(AGI). It is our belief that applications using these protocols to
manage or control an Asterisk instance do not have to be licensed
under the GPL or a compatible license, as we believe these protocols
do not create a 'derivative work' as referred to in the GPL. However,
should any court or other judiciary body find that these protocols do
fall under the terms of the GPL, then we hereby grant you a license to
use these protocols in combination with Asterisk in external
applications licensed under any license you wish."

This probably originated some years ago, and I wonder if Digium or the
community might consider adding the OTHER management/control protocols to
list: ARI, and the ExternalIVR interface.

If not, it might be instructive to learn why!



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